Alexander Technique for Back Pain

Research Study

A major study, published by the British Medical Journal on 20th August 2008 shows significant long-term benefit to chronic low back pain sufferers who undertake a course of Alexander Technique lessons.

Summary of Research Findings

579 patients were recruited from 64 GP practices and 59 Alexander technique teachers participated in the trial.

The trial compared the long term benefits of the following groups:

  • 6 lessons in the Alexander Technique
  • 24 lessons in the Alexander Technique
  • 6 sessions of a classical massage
  • GP prescribed aerobic exercise

with a control group which received normal GP care, for NHS patients with significant chronic or recurrent non-specific low back pain.

Main Results of trial

The best results were seen in the 24 Alexander Technique lessons group, with significant improvements in function, quality of life and reduction of days in pain. One year after the trial had started, the average number of activities limited by low back pain had fallen by 42%, and the number of days in pain was only three per month, compared with 21 days in pain in the control group.

To read the research in full, visit the British Medical Journal website.

For further current and ongoing research into the benefits of the Alexander Technique, visit the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique website.